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Redesigning the subscription experience for family photo books



I led design across several verticals within the Chatbooks organization. Throughout my time, I helped increase print rate, improved the book edit experience, improved conversion through checkout changes, mentored multiple designers, helped create the newest version of our design system and most recently (and importantly) re-invented the Chatbooks Subscription.

Senior UX Designer

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From Monthbooks to the new Chatbooks Subscription

The team at Chatbooks has launched Monthbooks, a photo book subscription experience aimed at bringing families closer by encouraging users to print their every day photos.

Monthbooks has shown impressive growth and performance. In 2022, my team successfully increased our Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) from $9 million to $20 million, surpassing $20 million in Gross Cash Receipts (GCR) for subscriptions by the end of the year. However, our ambitious target for 2023 was to further elevate this number to $30 million. (update 1/2/23 we hit 30 million in ARR in 2023)

The Problem(s)

Number of books, subscription understanding, lack of features

While Monthbooks is a valuable offering, it does have certain limitations. These include:

  1. Too many books

  2. Strict use case

  3. Single book size 

  4. Photo selection

  5. Lack of subscription understanding

  6. Lack of additional pages and title customization


In order to address these shortcomings and cater to a wider range of customers, my goal was to develop a solution that not only remedies our current limitations but also creates a product that opens up TAM (Total Addressable Market) by aligning better with diverse customer needs and preferences.


User Goal

We want users to have more flexibility with how to use their subscription while also understanding it better. 

Business Goal

We want to increase the number of users and users signed up for subscribed plans by ensuring that users can easily choose their options, sign up and seamlessly create their books.

The Results

  • Shortened clicks from shop to convert from 10 to 6 taps while adding additional options - resulted in revenue increase of 10 mil GCR from end of 2022-2023

  • Added variable pages so users could add additional pages to their 30 page books - resulted in 

  • Added titling to allow for users to use their subscription more flexibly - resulted in 

screen recording of current

How I got there

User Research 

User research, surveys, prototype testing 


From wireframes to high fidelity, we created 

Strategic Release

My Product Manager and I engaged in strategic planning to determine the optimal approach for releasing the enhanced experience. Our objective was to introduce certain features into our existing subscription, Monthbooks, as a means to gauge their performance while simultaneously developing the new experience.

After careful consideration, we established the following release schedule:

  • Variable pages (add more than 30 pages to a book)

  • Titling (allowing user to change the title of the book)

  • MVP release (completely new flow)

  • Adding additional book sizes & fully decoupling from dates

What I learned

From the start when the executive team approached me with the idea of creating a subscription with more book options I had a vision of creating a subscription that could fit more customers and I didn't want to stop at book options.


Throughout the process, it was essential for myself and my PM to communicate our vision and goals to multiple departments.

  • We worked alongside operations to ensure we could add additional book sizes, colors and bindings, decide which ones we were going to release with and which didn't make as much sense. 

  • We worked with marketing to communicate our vision and test pricing ideas. Working hand-in-hand to create a plan for new photos and how we could merchandise the new options. 

  • The insights team to test prototypes, run surveys, discuss past tests and pull necessary data. 

  • The engineers to discuss feasibility, timeline, release schedule and possible solutions. 

All of this to say it takes a village. This project stretched me into ideating, collaborating and solution-ing with almost every department at Chatbooks. I grew as a designer exponentially during this process, I learned that I had the ability to not only effectively strategize but to come up with new ideas again and again until I came to one that fit.

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