Kick Ass Workouts ™


Kickass is a native app created to help users from around the world get in shape. What differentiates Kickass is its ability to be an all-in-one solution to health. Inspiring users from around the world, Kickass includes features such as guided work-outs, pre and post stretch routines, nutrition, progress and water intake tracking and more. 

Kickass was created for users that don't know how to get started with their health and want a custom guided solution led by an influencer. 


We first encountered two challenges - the first being content strategy and the second was finding a balance between a simple experience while allowing for the amount of content and user friendly navigation. After identifying the features within the app, we began creating an interactive experience that would provide the users with a custom solution to their health. Finding the balance took a handful of iterations - we needed to come up with a way to seamlessly tie the facets within the app together. 


UI / Wireframes (low, mid + high), Mockups, Animation, UI Prototype


3 months +


We did some preliminary testing through the influencers social channels in order to determine who the possible users would be. Next we complied the data, analyzed it and came up with three stories. 


We began to solve our challenges by utilizing Information Architecture practices, we broke down the system into 4 major components - scheduler, progress, exercises and meals. We wanted to create a single page that could keep the user up to date with their daily practices so we accomplished this by allowing each component to accordion out to hide further information. To help the user move between the deeper content we made use users could always navigate naturally through the flow and find an exit point if needed. 




mid fidelity

The goal was to create a user friendly native app with all of the features the client want included. We wanted to keep the structure extremely simple to accommodate for the amount of content and allow the user to easily digest the information, quickly.