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Multiple feature adds + mobile app re-design


UX Designer


In March 2020, I joined Reconnect with the goal of contributing to the growth of their product. During my tenure at Reconnect, I conducted interviews with Drug Courts and Probation Departments to deeply understand the challenges and pain points faced within the industry. Armed with this valuable information, I collaborated closely with my Product Manager and VP of Design to work from research to launch.

I actively worked on multiple projects, resulting in the addition of more than 15 significant features to the web app. Additionally, I had the opportunity to lead the redesign of the mobile app, ensuring it aligned with the evolving needs of our users. The combined efforts and dedication of the team resulted in a substantial enhancement to Reconnect's product offering.

The Challenge

Existing probation software lacks effectiveness and fails to motivate clients towards success in the program. Reconnect emerged with the mission to revolutionize this outdated system and foster positive outcomes.

Probation Departments and Drug Courts  |  Web App

Before the onset of COVID-19, Drug Courts and Probation Departments faced the pressing need for software that streamlined client management without adding to their workload. However, with the pandemic impacting the United States, this need became even more critical. Probation departments were suddenly required to monitor their clients remotely, presenting an entirely new and challenging task.

Clients in Probation Departments and Drug Courts | iOS & Android mobile app

Through interviews, we identified several significant challenges regarding user feedback on our initial app. The primary hurdle was that the majority of participants were reluctant to be in the program and had a strong aversion to using the app. To address this, we focused on establishing seamless connections between participants and case managers, providing motivation to users, and enabling effective schedule management. Our aim was to maximize their chances of successfully completing the program.


Traditional house arrest bands cost upwards of $40/day (charged to the person on probation) and the battery has to charge twice a day for an hour each time.

I worked with a hardware designer that was one of the original Apple watch designers to help design a smaller band that would cost $5/day and last for up to 6 months on a full charge.

Understanding the user

During my time at Reconnect, I took charge of conducting user interviews and crafting personas as a means to gain deeper insights into our users and their unique "jobs to be done."

When seeking to determine which features to prioritize, we employed personas as a valuable tool. These personas helped us gain a comprehensive understanding of our target users and their needs, preferences, and behaviors. By creating these fictional representations of our target audience groups, we were able to make informed decisions about which features would be the most suitable fit for each client type.

A few features I worked on

Assign Form.png

Bulk Assignment of Forms


Traditionally, Case Managers face the challenge of manually distributing and assigning forms to clients, as well as ensuring their completion through diligent follow-up. This process involves a significant amount of time.


We developed a comprehensive solution for Case Managers that included the ability to assign forms to multiple participants, track the log and status of form assignments, and access specific response information. This empowered Case Managers to streamline the assignment process, and efficiently manage their clients tasks.

Bulk Scheduled.png

Bulk Messaging


The existing messaging feature on our secure platform allowed Case Managers to communicate with clients individually. However, a significant problem arose when Case Managers needed to send out mass communications, as there was no functionality to handle such scenarios.


Building upon the existing secure messaging platform available to participants and Case Managers, we expanded its functionality to enable Case Managers to send group messages effectively. With this enhancement, Case Managers gained the capability to send a blind carbon copy (BCC) group message, facilitating efficient communication and information dissemination to multiple participants simultaneously while maintaining the privacy and security of the platform.

App re-design

From a basic check-in and messaging app to full service probation management software.
Original Version
Group 13.png
Group 12.png
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