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Creating an in app game utilizing Shareplay


UX Designer


When initially deciding on what we would do for hack week we knew we wanted to integrate the SharePlay feature but we hadn't decided what the users would do in the app in order to use this feature. As hack week started we held a brainstorming session on Day 1 and came up with the idea to create a game that could then be printed into a book. 



When coming up with a game we needed something that was:

  1. Easy to play over FaceTime

  2. Would bring enough value to the app (generate money in some way)

  3. On brand

  4. Fun

I took two popular card games deconstructed them and used concepts from each game to create the Caption This game. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 2.11.12 PM.png

Day 1

My next goal was to figure out the journey for all of the players in the game. The game is designed for 3-4 players, with how the game is played we needed two player experiences *The Captain and *The Captioner's. I quickly put together a first draft in which I created the entrance into the app with SharePlay as well as a quick overview of how the game was played and what would be happening as it progressed. 

*The Captain - chooses the best caption for that round

*The Captioner's - write their best caption for the photo

Frame 289_edited.png

My next step was to draft out what the app should look like and what needed to exist on each screen to work. One big challenge was to figure out how we should create a space that felt natural for the user to place their FaceTime box. This is where you will see the two different players experiences diverge.

Day 2

High Fidelity

One of the final steps in the design process was for me to come up with how the app should actually look utilizing our existing design system. 

Note: you will see some notes on this page, these are notes for if we decide to integrate this project after hack week. We intentionally left some features out in order to fit within the time frame and to give the developer enough time to build it within the 3 remaining days.

Frame 293.png


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