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A paid app for families to store and reminisce memories through photos


Storyline is an app that organizes your photos into beautiful events on a timeline and merges that timeline with your partner. With Storyline you don't have to ask your partner for photos from the trip you went on two weeks ago, just check your Storyline app and enjoy the content. 

UX Designer

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by chatbooks

The User

Chatbooks has one main user "The Millennial Mom" we knew this was a target group we wanted to go after however, we also wanted to figure out a way to appeal to all genders and not be limited to a specific age group. After some preliminary research our team decided on the following attributes:

  • Ages 20-60 

  • Interested in sharing photos with another person or group of people (Partner, Grandparent, Parent, Child, etc.)

  • Interested in content storage and enjoyment expanding outside of just photos. (Videos, Journaling)

  • Willing to pay a fee to keep their memories organized and alive.

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